My Time Among the Whites: Essays

Forthcoming from Picador USA on September 3, 2019, My Time Among the Whites is a collection of essays on feeling like an “accidental” American and the tectonic edges of identity in a society centered on whiteness. Wry, candid, and fearless, these essays capture the sometimes hopeful yet deeply flawed ways in which many Americans have learned to adapt, exist, and—in the face of all signals showing otherwise—even thrive in a country that never imagined them here.



Make your home among strangers

When Lizet—the daughter of Cuban immigrants and the first in her family to graduate from high school—secretly applies and is accepted to an ultra-elite college, her parents are furious at her decision to leave Miami. Just weeks before she's set to start school, her parents divorce and her father sells her childhood home, leaving Lizet, her mother, and Leidy—Lizet's older sister, a brand-new single mom—without a steady income and scrambling for a place to live.



United in their fierce sense of place and infused with the fading echoes of a lost homeland, the stories in this striking debut collection do for Miami what Edward P. Jones does for Washington, D.C., and what James Joyce did for Dublin: they expand our ideas and our expectations of the city by exposing its tough but vulnerable underbelly.




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